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Cannot use XSitePro2 to upload this page because XSitePro keeps changing the sources code. Use Dreamweaver for uploading videos.

Use XSitePro to generate the simple Question input box though. For more complex forms that have a prepopulate function on errors, then you will need to code that manually.

To get new panel data into the proper place using XSitePro do the following.

1. Make all the changes you need in the panels and bars etc. in XSitePro.

2. Save the site.

3. Set the Page settings to Publish this web Page.

4. Go to Dreamweaver and rename the video page with a Save As and call it "Videos_on_our_siteBackUp.html". Save it over any other data in that file.

5. Go back to XSitePro and publish the site. This operation will put this text on this page in place of the videos.

6. Go to Dreamwewever and Download the page Videos_on_our_site.html into Dreamweaver. That operation will put this page into Dreamweaver.

7. Open the "Videos_on_our_siteBackUp.html" and the "Videos_on_our_site.html" pages in Dreamweaver.

8. Copy all the video data from the BackUp into the video page thus, erasing all the data associated with this page. That data starts at about line 105 in the Dreamweaver source code window after the <tr><td class="XSP_MAIN_PANEL"><h3><font color="#355661"> code  to about line 634 as of June 29, 2011. Expect the new Dreamweaver page to start lower than line 105 as the new data may take up space above the Main apge section. After our last update the Dreamweaver line to start at is 137.

9. Save the file and upload it to the host server.

10. Check out the video page to see that everything is alright.

11. Go back to XSitePro andreset the Page Settings to NOT publish this page. Now everytime you publish the XSitePro pages this pages will be left out.

12. To add a new video you would copy the code into the Dreamweaver page, save it and upload it via Dreamweaver.