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This Free Health Screening is your place for an expert professional opinion on your health matters.


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Canadian Lifestyle Health Care

Welcome to our web site.

Wellness Risk Management (WRM)


Follow the Science PILOT Program

Help for Worker's Wellness, Cost Free to the Company

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The biggest problem in modern health care is people not doing what science has shown they should be doing.


Steps to Review Our New Wellness Model Before You Contact Us

Advice for companies and organisations reviewing our Wellness Risk Management (WRM) program. There are two ways a company can start-up offering WRM. Offer WRM as a recruitment perk or as a Wellness service to all workers. Contact us to explain those please.


 1. Review the four pages at:
 2. Review the ten pages and a few pdf documents at:

Have a look at the first page at:
(You can review the rest of the site later.)
 4. Review the workshop purchase page at:
 5. Keep in mind we are gathering research statistics on WRM. Both Measurement and Statistics are anonymous and for the use of WRM.
We also have a set of pdf documents for those who prefer pdf documents. See the pdf Documents link in the top menu bar at the HealthAmplification web site.

Our Mission
To Teach and Guide

Optimal Health Secrets

Help for Worker's Wellness, Cost Free to the Company

Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies

 Workshop Purchase Page

Our mission is to teach you, and then guide you, along the roadway to optimal health wellness. We measure your body and behaviours for optimal health factors, then teach the parameters of the Pain Relief Lifestyle, including the Pain Relief Diet, and the Five Pillars of Optimal Health Secrets.

There is a lot of information on our web site, and our network, to help you on the roadway to the Pain Relief Lifestyle and Optimal Health Secrets.

Canadian Lifestyle Health Care includes natural pain relief and optimal health secrets. We provide Science Based Holistic Health Care including Natural Pain Relief and Professional Personal Wellness Services. We are your Self-Help Starting Point.